December 30, 2013

Why your comment does not appear on my blog

It seems I have to clarify why some comments does not appear on my blog.
My blog is a place where I publish my personal views. It is not in anyway a public forum.

To be published on my blog, a comment must be:
  1. Directly related to the subject
  2. Add something complementing the point of view I expressed
  3. Be constructive, informative and helpful 
  4. Use the same language as the post you comment

The best way to not be published is:
  1. Use my blog to spread your own ideas or promote your own blog
  2. Being disrespectful
  3. Start a controversy
  4. Start a flame war

If your comment doesn't appears on my blog, you can:
  1. Express your ideas on your own blog
  2. Express your ideas in a public group such as "Delphi developers" community on G+
  3. Email me privately (My email can be found everywhere) 

1 comment:

IT solutions for Singapore and Asian companies said...

Good point, Francois. Some guy just wrote "I find your article interesting", and followed by a question about why his code doesn't work, pasted partial code (and quite a lot at that), then basically asked me to solve his problem for him.

I didn't publish his comment.