December 2, 2013

Mandelbrot Fractal Explorer

I wrote a nice Mandelbrot fractal explorer application. It is written using Delphi XE5 and use extended precision floating point calculation to be able to produce ultra high zoom images.

You can create bitmaps much larger than the screen size. This way you can have a high resolution printout.

The program use multithreading to take advantage for multicore CPU. Computation is quite fast.

You can download the utility from The zip file contains the executable as well as a number of color palette files (You can edit it with notepad if you like).

If there is some interest, I could write another blog article about the design of the application. Just add a comment to this blog post if you are interested.

The program make use of multithreading to compute several parts of the image simultaneously. This makes huge speed improvement for multicore CPU.

Also, GDI plus is used for graphic rendering which make the display very fast, even for ultra high bitmap resolution.

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Bob said...

Remembers me at fractint a quite old dos programm.

Bruce McGee said...

I would like to hear more about the design of this application.

Especially since it seems to perform much better than some Mandelbrot benchmarks performed back in the XE2 time frame.

Bill said...

I would like to see an article on the design, and perhaps source, if you are willing to open it.

FPiette said...

I wrote a second article about programming the Mandelbrot Explorer: