December 4, 2013

Upgrade your old Delphi version to XE5, any version

Sometimes Embarcadero is promoting his latest Delphi and C++ builder by allowing customer to upgrade from ANY older version. This is just happening now!

I'm really convinced that any Delphi user MUST update to the latest XE5, specially those still using the old D7 and even D5. Migration is not that difficult. Most of the time, well written code just requires a recompile.

Have a look at 

  1. Upgrade to XE5 from any earlier version (Upgrade price from any previous version)
  2. Bonus pack with up to $1,150 in free software
  3. Step Up to Ultimate Edition Free from Enterprise
  4. Get a free C++Builder iOS upgrade when you buy qualifying C++Builder XE5 or RAD Studio XE5 tools

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