October 9, 2023

DELPHI 12 almost here, ICS already support it

 I have been allowed by Embarcadero to publish about Delphi 12. Please note that this blog post is based on a pre-release version of the RAD Studio software and it has been written with specific permission by Embarcadero. No feature is committed until the product GA release.

 I'm very impressed by Delphi 12 aka "Yukon". It add a lot of new features and many fixes for past bugs. ICS will compiel fine. There is already a D12Install.groupproj and a D12InstallVclFmx.groupproj. There is no change in the installation process. Have a look at the readme file in the distribution.

Beside ICS, there are some features that I particularly like :

  • Editor tab now has a "Copy FIle Path" right click menu item that allow to copy all or part of the file opened in the tab editor. I frequently needed that and has to resort to "open in explorer" and then copy the path shown in wplorer.
  • Search in File function that I use really frequently as a new option to specify a list of directories to exclude. Fir example the directories having the history ou some library that I use but I don't want to search (VirtualTree, JCL/JVCL and other). I'm really interested in searching in my own code without having a dedicated directory branch.
  • Multiline string in source code. I find this feature easy to enter long SQL requests, or HTML code, or JSON data structure. 
  • Editor for multiline caption of selected component. You can now easily make a TButton with several lines in the caption.

 There are many more new things, too much for this blog post... You'll discover them quickly now. Release is coming!