January 23, 2014

3D animation with FireMonkey

Paul Toth, a well known Delphi Developer rewrote his CubeMan3D with FireMonkey, making it a cross platform application. The application shows an animated man made of 3D cubes. The man walk in place and turn on himself.

Actually, each cube is a standard FireMonkey TRoundCude 3D component. They are all linked together to form the body and members. The animation is made with a TFloatAnimation for each cube.

It is amazing how short the code is. The code is just the implementation for the AnimationFinish event for the leg. The event handler simply reverse the direction and restart.

The code source is available from here.

Paul Toth is a freelance Certified Delphi Developer. If you need some help with Delphi, feels free to contact him.

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