August 8, 2013

RAD Studio Mobile Roadmap updated

Embarcadero updated his RAD Studio Mobile Roadmap. This concern Delphi and C++ Builder for Android and iOS.

What is in development:

- Integrated C++ and Delphi Native ARM toolchains for iOS and Android (compiler, linker, debugger)
- NDK based Android Platform support (Gingerbread, ICS and Jelly Bean)
- FireMonkey mobile Framework for Android
- Mobile designer for Android
- iOS 7 support
- Mobile sensor support for Android (GPS, Camera, Gyro, Accelerometer)
- Advertizing and payment for Android and iOS
- Native Android UX w/Native UI styles
- iOS 7 UX w/Native UI style
- High performance iOS and Android mobiel DACs for popular databases
- Interbase Lite and IBtoGo for Android support
- Datasnap middleware mobile enterprise enhancements
- Cross Platform desktop/tablet/phone
- Automatic retina/Hi-Res display handling
- Integrated Android Design, development, simulation, debugging and deployment
- Rest client Framework and mobile BaaS support
- Ad Hoc and AppStore deployment


- Delphi for Android: estimated fall 2013
- C++ Builder for Android: estimated winter 2013


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