December 24, 2012

TIntegerList property and property editor

A few weeks ago, I was faced with the problem of designing a component having a list of integer as a property. This is quite easy to write, but once installed in the IDE, this property cannot be edited using the object inspector! Actually, the property is not even serialized in the DFM.

After a few Google searches, I came to the conclusion that no code was readily available for the purpose. So I wrote it and now I'm making it available thru this blog article.

This article is made of:

1      A simple custom visual component using a list of integers as property. This component has been made very simple (and mostly useless) so that you can concentrate of our today's subject: the property made of a list of integers.

2      A simple demo application showing the component in action at runtime and reusing the property editor in the application (normally a property editor is only used by the IDE).

3      A class to implement the list of integers. It looks much like TStringList class. Instead of a list of strings, we get a list of integers.

4      A property editor so that the list of integer could be edited from the object inspector at design time.

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